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Centrifugal Castings

Performance produces Centrifugal Castings from 2-3/4"OD to 24-3/8"OD in lengths from 48" to 240".  Our four casting machines allows us the flexibility to use existing molds/dies or produce a new die to your exact specifications.  Common uses for our Centrifugal Castings are high temperature furnace rolls and radiant tubes, steel mill table rolls, hydraulic cylinders, heat exchanger tubes, cylinder liners, glass mill rolls, and many others.

Alloys Poured

Common Alloys Poured :

     - Heat Resistant Alloys (ASTM A-297, A-351, etc.)

     - Stainless Steels (ASTM A-743, 304&316 cast equivalent,  etc.)

     - Low Alloy Steels (8630, 4340, etc.)

     - Abrasion Resitant Alloys

     - Cobalt Alloys

     - Custom Specialy Alloys

Static (Sand) Castings

Performance produces Static Castings that range from ounces to 3,500/lbs each.  Our two sand mixers, which are 300#/minute and 1,000#/min, allow us to route your job accordingly and efficiently produce your molds.  Our carousel molding system can run multiple patterns at the same time further enhancing our production.  We also use a proprietary sand additive to give your castings a better finish and quality.

Additional Services

We at Performace strive to become your single source for castings.  In doing so, we offer additional services such as heat treating, machining, fabrication, and painting.  We utilize in-house processes combined with approved local vendors to serve your every need.

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